We're so excited about 2K23 currently

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We're so excited about 2K23 currently

Postprzez Shaftesburyw » 13 Gru 2022, 09:36

It's talked about constantly, and MT 2K23 you have seen it everywhere. You've heard about the Serge Ibaka thing last week that he had 35 million listeners on Spotify. It's like living in a sense. It's 2K's job is to be as authentic as we can and and push the boundaries of culture. So wherever we can play into this, I believe that's something that's going to inspire us.I would like to inquire about this. Many fans were wondering why there wasn't a joint cover by LeBron and MJ to create the legend edition? Did you guys consider LeBron?

I'm sure 23 jumps in everyone's head, however I'm sure that us putting Jordan on the cover was more of a declaration about the most iconic athlete of all time right, and we felt this was the most amazing 2K in history, thus we made an impression by having him on there. It is the year of excellence, and we felt like Jordan was the perfect choice. We've certainly worked with LeBron in the past on covers and we'll continue to do so. LeBron is an amazing partner of ours but I mean that it's always Jordan for us.

I'm sure the fans would like Kobe on 2K24. Are there any chances of that?Who knows? We're so excited about 2K23 currently. Twenty-four seems like a long way off that we're having conversations already, and we'll just have to see.At when will you begin to think about your next two-year anniversary? I'm not sure you ever really move on. Naturally, the game is within the game's lifecycle for a few years. We released 2K22 content like a week or two years ago.

The basketball arena will be 365 & 24/7 and thanks to our game, it's gonna be the authentic basketball. The game must be exactly the same. What you're asking me is such as, when do we begin to think about marketing smartly about covers, and everything else, and I think it's an ongoing discussion, similar to how we've discussed 2K24 and 2K25. And maybe this is how I can answer a question I'm certain will come to me, which is about how do we get the Devin Booker cover right and NBA 2K MT Coins how can we find Devin?
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