Mmoexp FUT 23:It was discovered that Mwepu is suffering

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Mmoexp FUT 23:It was discovered that Mwepu is suffering

Postprzez DonnaStella123 » 17 Mar 2023, 09:06

Weekend League starts at the normal time of 3am ET / 8am BST and will last until the 17th of October on a Monday at 3am ET FIFA 23 Coins / 8am BST So make sure you're eligible for the event when you're planning on entering.

The Road to the Knockouts will conclude, with the Rulebreakers promo leak set to replace it, starting around the time of 1pm ET or 6.30pm BST.Rulebreakers Cards will replace RTTK one in packs with players from the new event appearing through Objectives in addition to SBC too.If you're a participant in Weekend League then your day will be filled with it.

Look to be hitting 51 points, as you will earn more after that point upward.Other than that goals will include where you spend your time, competing in Squad Battles to get better rewards on Sundays.

Squad Battle prizes will be made available at 3am ET or 8am BST It could be very valuable in case you've been playing these games to fulfill player objectives.Again this is the same day as Weekend League and player objectives including Squad Battles and Division Rivals.

A Rulebreakers Mini Release may launch at 1pm ET or at 6pm BST which could add some players to packs, with the possibility of a player who arrives via objectives as well.Enock Mwepu is one of the brightest youngsters in FIFA 23, and the promising young African footballer is on the books at Brighton & Hove Albion. There was a sad day just a few hours ago when it was revealed that Mwepu would be retiring from football after the age of 24.

It was discovered that Mwepu is suffering from a rare heart disease that could make the situation potentially deadly if he is allowed to compete in the professional arena. The decision came from multiple reliable sources earlier on October 10, and has sent shockwaves through the sport's community.

The premature retirement has now raised questions about his situation as a player in FIFA 23. Like many professional footballers, he is also present in the game. After the release, the community has been asking about the fate of the card in the most recent issue.

While EA Sports hasn't made an official announcement, a few guesses can be made about what is in store for the card in the near future, based on the established buy FUT 23 Coins
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